Do air purifier in Haier AC really works?

Air conditioners with air purifier and without air purifier both seems same, but it’s actually not the case. They may look identical but their purpose is totally different. Moreover, it is very important for customers to have a complete know-how of air purifier before purchasing AC.

Haier Air purifier:

Haier air purifier eliminates all biological contaminants and environmental impurities from the air. As a result, it is a best choice for your living space as it combines multiple filters and disinfection components that easily capture microparticles and give you a clean environment within 1 hour. It consumes power of 55W with DC motor and had a noise level of 69 dB for three fans. It covers an area of 500-meter cube per hour.

Working of Air Purifier:

Headaches, coughing, asthma attacks are few problems which are due to breathing in bad air. If you are having problems with air quality in your home, go for the Haier air conditioners having air purifiers. Let’s have a look on its working.
Air purifier generally comprises of a filter or multiple filters. It comprises of three fans which can easily sucks in and circulates the air flow. When air starts moving through the filter, a lot of particles can be captured and clean air can be pushed back into the living space.

UV and Titanium Dioxide:

Titanium dioxide is activated under bactericide UV disinfectants and produce oxidizing free hydroxyl groups. In this way oxygen will be activated which can easily oxidize bacteria and decompose them.

Plasma purification:

When ionized by a high positive and negative voltage, air will start producing a number of positive and negative ions which helps in releasing a blast of energy and kills the surrounded bacteria instantly.

Filtration layer:

There are a lot of nano silver ions in filtration layer which consists of anti-bacterial properties and can easily kill bacteria.

HEPA filters?

HEPA (High efficiency particulate air) filters are the best option to filter out dust or smoke particles. They can easily trap 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns as this is the most penetrating particle size. These filters consist of multi layered fabric finely covered with material threads. These filters work so well for up to 2000 hours and automatically shows an indicator for washing. The filters are completely air tight due to a dense sheet of little fibers folded around a plastic frame and can easily removes tinniest airborne particles. These particles are taken out of circulation in following ways:
Direct impaction: large contaminants collide with fiber and stick on it.

Sieving: Air stream carries the particles and can easily trapped with the help of filters.

Interception: Due to inertia, particles stick on the fiber.

Diffusion: Lastly, ultrafine particles move erratically and diffusion takes place.

Benefits of Air purifier:

Are they effective?

Finally, the answer is yes. Sometimes you won’t be able to remove aggravating particles on furniture, bedding or carpets. Here comes the solution with the best Haier air conditioners, air purifiers filter all pollutants and you can easily get rid of these problems. Furthermore, for more details, click the link: Air Purifier Filter

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