Air conditioner Buying Guide – It’s not as difficult as you think

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Summer is already at its peak. Are you are getting confuse for purchasing air conditioner? Or maybe you are taking tension of heft electricity bills in summers. It is true that whether you are utilizing central air conditioners or window air conditioners, you cannot deny the importance of cooling system. Usually, it is very difficult to decide for buyers. If not decided wisely, you may have regret of purchasing the air conditioner.
If you are thinking to buy a new air conditioner or replacing the old one, there are several things to consider. We have compiled some essential information for your search so that you can easily find the perfect companion in summers.


There is a rule of thumb for sizing an air conditioner which is based on the square footage of your room. Tonnage basically refers to the capacity of air conditioner. For instance, 1-ton capacity will work fine in smaller rooms of 140sq ft. On the other hand, 1.5-ton capacity is perfect in a mid-sized or larger room of 140sq. ft to 180sq. ft.


With the rising bills of electricity, it is very important to buy an AC which consumes less power. Air conditioner comes with EER, which mean star rated energy efficiency rating. This is basically the standard by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). All AC’s have the energy rating label that uses stars for rating an efficiency level. The higher the BEE star rating, the more efficient it is and it consumes less electricity.

Quality of Air:

The air conditioner which you are going to purchase must have a strong and long air flow. So, that it reduces the humidity and offers high cooling along comfort. Additionally, quality of filters plays an important role in providing fresh air. If it comprises of good quality filters, it will increase the efficiency of air conditioner.

Inverter technology:

When purchasing an air conditioner, electricity bills are the main concern. For better cooling along with energy efficiency, inverter air conditioners are worth to invest in. They are amazing as compared to regular ones. They have less power consumption and have precise energy control.
The compressor in inverter Ac’s basically runs at a variable speed. This means after reaching a desired room temperature, it will not stop working. The compressor continues to work at a slower speed.

Noise control:

You don’t need to wake up again and again and never get disturb, if your air conditioner has a perfect noise control system. So, pick the one which has low noise so that you can enjoy a good night sleep.

UPS enabled:

A UPS switch enables air conditioners to easily work with existing home UPS device. It is an extremely useful feature mainly in hot summers.

One touch cleaning:

This is very amazing feature as there is no need to call someone for maintenance of air conditioner. All you need to click on a single button and it will start a 15-20 minutes process to automatically clean the evaporator.
Finally, with summers around the corner, it is the right time to go out and purchase an air conditioner. Haier air conditioners completely stands out when you are planning to invest in. They are so amazing in their own class and come with great features to meet the modern living standards.
They are designed to provide fast cooling without worrying about electricity bills. You can have healthy and fresh air with dependable comfort for years. So, choose Haier air conditioners with a sleek design and enjoy your summers. For more details click here: buy Latest Haier Air Conditioners Online

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