Haier Floor Standing AC – Choose best for your home

When the weather is extreme hot, you always wanted to stay cool and have some relaxing time throughout the day and enjoy a sound sleep at night. That will be only possible if you choose the right air conditioner for your living space. If you are thinking to upgrade your cooling system, Haier floor standing air conditioner will keep you cool and save your money as well.

Haier Floor Standing Air Conditioner:

Floor standing air conditioners are considered as a convenient option for your home drawing room, offices and restaurants. Haier air conditioner are highly recommended for large rooms. Haier 2 Ton floor standing air conditioners are highly efficient. Moreover, it comprises of energy efficient compressor with a touch screen in order to operate simply.

Powerful cooling system:

They are amazingly designed to maximize the efficiency level. As a result they are ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. They are also available in both heating cooling modes. On the other hand, the most important characteristic of floor standing air conditioner is the fastest cooling and it automatically sets the room temperature as per your requirements. Within few minutes you can enjoy the comfortable environment.

Power Saving:

It can easily save 20% of power with energy efficient compressor. Haier floor standing ac accumulates all the dirt and prevent it from any bacterial growth. This will also affect the quality of air and provide you wide angle air flow. In this way cool air reaches to every corner of the room.

No Noise:

This will work super quiet and you can enjoy a sound sleep. The lowest noise level is 26db. There won’t be any disturbance and help in improving the health of your family.

Moreover, Haier floor standing AC is budget friendly and is available in single color. Additionally, it has meter long distance air flow which keeps you chilled in summers.

Available in stylish designs:

They are available in very elegant and sleek design which is perfect for luxurious interiors of offices, homes and restaurants. It features an innovative technology and adjusts the fan speed at random.

Conclusively, if you are looking for an air conditioner to cool your house, Haier floor standing air conditioners are a best choice so far. They are ideal due to its strong performance and keep the temperature consistent. So, if you are planning to purchase an air conditioner of higher capacity choose Haier floor standing. For more details click the link below: Floor Standing

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