Haier innovative pearl series 2021 with smart features

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Summer is here with full swing. During such weather, air conditioner proves to be a perfect blessing. Haier launches an innovative series named as “pearl” following standards for comfort cooling and heating. They are designed so amazingly and offer a great protection against health hazards.
Moreover, it comes with a modern stylish design and it is a perfect solution for residential purposes. Pearl range is a simple and elegant features certified UVC generator which is effective in preventing the Corona Virus. UVC is a small device which is installed inside the indoor unit.

Haier innovative pearl series:

Haier pearl series looks superb and it provides an ultimate comfort to your home and office. The product is coupled with standard WI-FI system, self-cleaning and much more.

Smart functions:

Self-cleaning is one of the important feature in pearl series, as it helps to improve the air quality and easily kills bacteria. It freezes the evaporator with the moisture in the air and a rapid melting process starts which removes all bacteria.

UPS Enabled:

With the help of an additional device, Haier inverter air conditioner can be operated on UPS even when the electricity shuts down. PCB in the device can easily input power supply with the help of smart monitoring.

WIFI control:

Pearl series comes with a built-in WIFI module which can be controlled by your phone anytime anywhere. This will gives you a complete control and the ability to operate the Pearl system for your smartphone. Therefore, you can have a full range of control from temperature selection, performance data and much more.

3D Airflow:

Haier Pearl series features a 3D airflow. There is a constant horizontal and vertical movement of airflow blades and enables the airflow to different directions of room. Thus, you can enjoy comfortable airflow in every corner of the room.

Turbo Cooling:

There is a special designed control program and a motor runs at a high frequency. Though, the air conditioner can easily cool the whole room within a very short time.
Conclusively, Haier adapts new generation golden fins, as they are specializes in strong corrosion resistance for both evaporator and condenser. Moreover, using the cross flow fan and air duct, Haier Pearl series achieves strong air flow, so that you can enjoy the comfortable experience.

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