Thunder Inverter – Newly launched series 2022

Air Conditioner Inverter
Summer season is on its peak and with the increase in temperature; the demand of air conditioners is also too high. So for this purpose Haier has newly launched amazing series named as Thunder inverter. This innovation is a complete source of providing heating and cooling systems and meets your requirements as well.
A unique technology that provides you desired temperature much quicker and maintain it accordingly. In this way you can enjoy a comfortable cooling experience.

Haier Thunder T3 Inverter Series

Haier Thunder Inverter 2022 features a hyper PCB card and a highly efficient compressor. For upgrading the longer life of an air conditioner, high quality PCB Card is very necessary. Moreover, it provides you equal distribution of airflow throughout the room. It also comprises of anti-corrosion technology, high quality gold fins, tube plates and copper tubes. These amazing properties protect you from heat and humidity.

Hyper PCB Card:

This Hyper PCB card provides you with consistent cooling temperature. On the other hand, Haier Inverter AC’s are designed to easily cope up with voltage fluctuations and there may not be any unexpected damages and malfunctioning.


Haier Inverter AC 2022 features thicker conformal coating that is perfect to protect against moisture, chemicals and bugs. It will also work so well in extreme temperature and provides you with calm and soothing environment.

Marvelous Design:

They are designed in an amazing way and generally they are smaller and take less space as compared to conventional ones. There is a built-in temperature sensor that easily controls the working efficiency and provides you with superior cooling.

Stability and reliability:

The PCB Card attached in outdoor works in a stable condition between 130V-264V. It has the capability to deal with harsh environment.

Provide you comfort in extreme summers:

They follow the powerful mechanism in order to beat the heat in extreme summers. Therefore, if you want to make your summers chilled make it an addition to your home. Air Conditoner

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