Enjoy the immersive visual experience with Smart LED

Choosing the perfect entertainment partner is a little bit complicated. With the advent of new audio and visual technologies in a vast range of different options, it is very important to choose the right product as per your requirements. Moreover, considering the various aspects of a smart TV that fits in your budget can be overwhelming for buyers. Since the New Year 2022 is here, so we wanted you to help out in choosing the new right smart TV.

There are numerous of things which you might need to consider when buying a new TV. The most important one is the screen size and resolution which fits amazing in your living space. Haier has launched its best technology for 2022 and the latest models comprises of features like UHD and HDR display. You can also enjoy a range of vibrant colors along with the Dolby Decoder sound system.


If you want to enjoy the immersive visual experience, make latest 2022 Android models your choice. They are available with 4K UHD resolution and supports HDR decoding as well. They features outstanding contrast details and produce more realistic pictures so that you can enjoy a cinematic view at your home.

Wide color:

It features a wide Gamut TV colors which gives you a vivid watching experience. This feature works amazingly as it has 90% of coverage, however in common gamut TV colors have coverage of 72%.

Google Assistant:

There is a built in Google assistant feature which is more than an entertainment platform. You can easily plan your day and discover new content for amusement.

Mobile Remote Application:

Latest android smart TV feature a remote application. You can easily use a D-pad or touchpad for controlling your Android TV. Moreover, you can easily search by using voice commands as well.
Additionally, the newly launched LED’s are ultra-thin with curved screens. You can have brilliant viewing angles, no matter which angle you are sitting you can enjoy the perfect display.
Conclusively, with 2022 newly launched Android smart LED you can have viewing experience with state of the art technology. So, if you want to enjoy plethora of functionalities along with appealing design, bring Haier LED’s. For more details click the link below: LED TV

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