Smart Android LED TV makes your life smarter

If you are in the market for a new smart Android LED TV, there are number of options that can be overwhelming. You know you want to buy a smart TV for streaming your favorite shows, but you are not well aware of features. Just relax! Pick your favorite one and enjoy. We are here to share all the important features which surely help you a lot.
Smart Android LED TV make your life smarter and they can easily connect to the internet. They come up with built-in apps. Moreover, Android smart TV can connect to the Google play store same like Android smartphones. There is also a bonus in Android TV as there is an addition of microphone in TV remotes so that you can easily utilize Google Assistant.


Experience the crystal colors with 4K UHD resolution. Android TV supports HDR decoding and provide you incredible colors with outstanding contrast details. So, get a chance to enjoy realistic pictures with Android Smart TV.

Large Screen:

Screen is the main feature of Android LED TV. Various screen sizes are available with multiple screen resolution. You can choose from a curved screen or a flat screen.

Internet connectivity:

You can connect your Android LED with internet and enjoy browsing on it. Enjoy it like a computer screen. Additionally, you can stream movies make calls using skype and much more. You can also enjoy a voice control through Alexa.


It is another important feature as people normally choose HD or HDR quality. HDR is the latest technology to go for. Moreover, there is OLED and QLED technology which display a wider range of colors and provides ultra-brightness.

Connectivity ports:

There are various connectivity ports such as USB port and HDMI port. You can easily connect various devices along with gaming consoles to your large TV screens. Further, there is a Bluetooth connectivity feature, so that you can connect your speakers, headphones and others.

Dolby Digital decoder:

Experience the high-quality sound with Dolby Digital Decoder. Simply enjoy the theatre like sound effect at home.

Why choose Smart Android LED?

Concisely, you can easily unlock the power of billion colors by purchasing an Android Smart LED TV. So, Why not Haier Android LED TV? As it is loaded with amazing smart features and gives you vivid watching experience. No confusion at all, go for Haier LED which is available with amazing technology and create an immersive home theatre experience. Thus, if you are planning to go through the LED lineup simply click the link: Led Haier

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