Smart TV – Enjoy the ultimate picture quality

Are you planning to upgrade your TV with the smarter one? So, what you have to do in such a situation? Simply pick the best smart TV that offers better and lively picture quality and meet all your requirements.
With the help of Smart TV, you will instantly get access to numerous paid, free movies, TV shows and much more. You can also have the voice commands to easily pause the movie you are watching and find a new show as well. Consider this luxury option for your living room.

Enjoy the premium picture quality with Smart LED:

There is a complete range of Quantum Dot 4K which is available in Slim LED and curved LED variants. Moreover, Smart LEDs are powered by Android operating system. It features quantum dot display technology with HDR and you can enjoy the brighter and clearer display with LED. Usually, the LED’s support 4K UHD with the high resolution of 3840*2160 pixels.
There is a built-in WIFI system with a smart share that allows users to connect with the smartphone without any wires. You can also play content from your mobile phone on large screens.
Dolby Decoder is another smart feature that deliver a theatre like sound experience. Smart LED’s also support smart remote that offers multiple features like shake the remote.

UHD (Ultra High Definition) – Smart LED:

4K Smart LED comes with a resolution of 3840*2160 or it is four times the resolution of a HD TV. It will benefit you in many ways as you can get a big screen and you can easily subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon etc. They all have 4K content with new Tv shows and movies.
4K quality upscale the content nearly to ultra-HD and add thrill in your movie. You can easily share data with the trusted devices and enjoy multiple applications which you wish to have on your screens. So, UHD is quickly becoming the new go to resolution.

Connectivity features in Smart TV:

There are a lot of connectivity features Like USB and multiple HDMI ports. Additionally, there are four HDMI ports that ensures you don’t need to have wires all time to connect a device. There are also enough USB ports with a 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth support.

Smart TV have a lot of advantages and bring innovation to your fingertips. Haier introduces high technology in Smart LED so that you can connect to your home in a smarter way. With Haier smart LED you can IoT control system, Bluetooth remote, Google Play store, 4K UHD, Auto volume leveler and much more. So, choose a well design LED that compliment your home interior. For more details click the link: Led Haier

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