Gaskets – Few quick tips to help you clean the Refrigerator

When is the last time, you probably have cleaned your gaskets (door seal)? For most people the answer is not recently. Most of us take our refrigerators for granted and assume that it will keep our groceries fresh and cool. Unfortunately, without a little care our refrigerator will start losing its efficiency and performance. Cleaning refrigerator gaskets (door seal) is the most important maintenance task, but it is often unnoticed.

Cleaning up spills and mold immediately:

In addition to that, gaskets are basically a flexible rubber seal that is enclosed around the edges of refrigerator door and keep the cooling inside. If something falls in a way that it touches the gasket seals, its very important to clean it up immediately before it decreases the quality and efficiency of seal. Whereas, dry or crack gaskets will start increasing the workload on compressor which shorten the lifespan of your appliance.

Tip 1: Create a cleaning solution:

The first step is to clean the gaskets with a soapy sponge and hot water. However, you can also add some vinegar with water. This mixture will help to clean all dirt and keep your food fresh.

Tip 2: Wiping off:

Furthermore, you can go for a microfiber cloth or a toothbrush and start gently wiping the gaskets. Toothbrush will easily take out all particles. Once done with the cleaning process, wipe off with a paper towel to remove excessive moisture.

Tip 3: Apply some petroleum jelly:

After wiping off, there is a handy trick that will improve performance of your gaskets. All you need to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly. It will prevent your gasket from drying. It get dried shrink and hard with the passage of time as it is made up of synthetic rubber. This is the super best solution to get rid of.
Refrigerator is an essential need of every kitchen that helps to keep our groceries chilled. For increasing the lifespan of the product, maintenance can’t be ignored. You can follow our tips to take care of your refrigerator gasket. Remember those sticky food particles can damage its look and can bring possible wear and tear. Conclusively, Haier refrigerators have the best gaskets so far. They are highly durable and need less maintenance. So, for more details, click the link: Buy Refrigerators Online


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