Haier T-Door Refrigerator provides you longest freshness

Do you hate bending down on knees frequently in order to find things from your fridge area? And do you forget what is in there because you are unable to see what is inside it. Haier T-Door Refrigerator comes with a four multiple separations, so that you can easily reach into it.


The design and layout of the refrigerator is so perfect and convenient. The fridge portion is on the top which can be used so frequently. On the other hand, you can easily put used items at a reachable height. Unlike other traditional refrigerators, it has multiple drawers inside it, which are very helpful in sorting your eatables.

Flexible storage options:

T-Door refrigerators are very popular in terms of flexible storage options. Unlike traditional top mounted refrigerators doesn’t have much space for stacking boxes and bags of frozen veggies. Though, these refrigerators give you a lot of options in order to store your food items. They are designed so perfectly and have side by side doors so, that you can have an easy access to the full width of the fridge for storing big items. Plus there are adjustable shelving and drawers that can be rearranged any time.

Stylish design:

T-Door refrigerators have a stylish design and are unbelievably functional. These refrigerators are a subtle way of giving your kitchen the sleek design and gives you many options like temperature control, door alarms, LED lighting and much more.

DC inverter technology:

These refrigerators use DC inverter technology, which reduces the electricity consumption and you can have economical electricity bills.

Triple cooling system:

This refrigerator is designed with perfection and provides you triple cooling system. This will help in keeping your food fresh. Additionally, there are three independent cooling zones. These zones work separately for separate compartments and also ensure no odor mixing.

Convertible fridge:

Fridge and freezer both enjoy the versatility of temperature ranging from-18C to 5C. You can easily convert all four compartments to work on a similar temperature.
Conclusively, Haier T-Door refrigerator comes with a uniform temperature control which also helps in maintaining a consistent cooling even in hot environment. It features a powerful compressor and works efficiently. Thus, it is a wise choice to go for T-Door refrigerators because it will undoubtedly take care of all your needs and keep your food fresh for many days. For more details click the link below:

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