A Perfect Laundry Partner Buying Guide

Are you planning to shop smarter? Purchasing a perfect laundry partner is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research when you have multiple options. The technology is hitting the market and it is difficult to choose the best one, Here is a handy quick guide for you to make decision while purchasing a washing machine.
What size should I go for? How energy efficient should it be? Should I go for fully-automatic or semi-automatic? These all are the questions which are confusing us while purchasing. Washing machine is a long-time investment. So, you need to be clear about what you are exactly looking for. Choosing the right washing machine will help you to have quick and easy laundry. So, let’s get started

Washing Machines as per your preferences:

Washing machines can be either semi-automatic or fully-automatic. You can have them according to the space and your preferences. Semi-automatic washing machines are perfect if you have a low budget. It consists of two tubs. You can simply add the water and then you can rinse clothes manually. Whereas, in fully-automatic washing machines, it is compulsory to have the water supply or electricity supply nearby. You can simply add the detergent and machine will run itself on a preset cycle. Semi-automatic washing machines are difficult to operate as they require manual work. It also takes much of your effort.

Washing Capacity:

The primarily thing to consider is the capacity of washing machine. A lot of people are unable to determine the right capacity for them. For beginners, if you have a small family of two to three people then 7kg is perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you are living in a joint family, then anything less than 8kg is a money waste. And you have to go for multiple wash cycles.

Energy efficiency:

Another important factor to consider while buying a perfect washing machine is energy efficiency. Front load washing machines are highly energy efficient as compare to top load. Energy Star Rating washing machine uses 30% less electricity.

Electricity Consumption:

A washing machine generally consume 300 to 600 Watts. The electricity consumption generally depends on the capacity of the washing machine. Additionally, you can also find the wattage on the compliance label in the washing machine.

Spin Speed:

Spin speed is generally measured in Revolution Per minute (RPM). It is a speed at which the drum rotates during a wash cycle. If a washing machine is having RPM, it is always better as it takes less time to dry your clothes and reduce electricity bill.

Wash Programs:

With the help of new technology you can enjoy different wash programs for different fabrics. There are multiple kind of fabrics such as wool, synthetic, cotton and others. There are variety of wash programs, some of them are as under:

Pick a Perfect Laundry partner:

Conclusively, picking the best one for your home depends on your household mainly laundry needs. If you are a busy person and want to get your clothes wash and dry quickly, then fully-automatic washing machine best suits you. And if you are running on a low budget, then go for a semi-automatic washing machine. So, why not Haier washers? They have premium features and support your laundry without damaging your clothes.
So, if you are searching for a durable product Haier completely stands out from other brands. Choose Haier, as it provides you all the control in your hand. For viewing the multiple Haier line up you can visit the link: Buy Washing Machine Online

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