Are you satisfied with your Laundry partner?

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Is your laundry giving you headache? Are you satisfied with your laundry partner and expected efficiency, performance of your washing machine? No worries at all. We came up with a solution which surely helps you to boost efficiency with your washing machine.
Less water, less energy, less detergent, clean clothes? A perfect washing machine differ in terms of features such as quick wash, wash programs, child lock, digital display and much more. Washing machines are important part of our household appliance. Selecting the right one and increasing the laundry efficiency is the major task. Using in right manner also helps to cut down your electricity bills. So, lets start with a guide that helps you to do laundry in a smarter way.

Going for the Right Size:

Buying the right size is very important because bigger the size, more electricity it consumes during operation. On the other hand, for a small family, over-sized washing machine is not a perfect choice. Similarly, for a big family an undersized washing machine will not wash all clothes in one go. So, choose wisely as per your family size and requirements.

Avoid using hot water:

Hot wash uses a lot of electricity as compared to cold wash. For clothes with hard stains, pre-soaking is recommended in hot water before washing as compared to hot water machine wash. You can also check the washing instructions on the label, like wool and synthetic fiber can be washed at 30°C. Whereas mixed load stuff can be washed on 40°C. So, if not needed do not wash your clothes in hot water.
Energy consumption kWh 30°C 0.21 kWh
Energy consumption kWh 40°C 1.08 kWh
Energy consumption kWh 95°C 2.30 kWh

Use of right detergent:

Using a right detergent for washing machine is very important. Because a wrong detergent may need to have multiple wash cycles to clean them properly. Similarly, if you are using the right amount of detergent, multiple wash cycles will also be needed. So, buy the right one.

Give the right load per wash:

It is very important to load your machine optimally. If you are underloading the washing machine, it does not mean that you are consuming less electricity. The amount of electricity is even same. On the other hand, overloading will damage the drum bearings and belts. Further, it fails to clean clothes properly and detergent will not reach evenly to every cloth.

Multiple washing modes of your laundry partner:

Latest washing machines usually have 8-12 washing modes. These washing modes are according to the fabric, but most of us go for the daily wash feature to wash all types of clothes. It is suggested to use different washing modes as per the fabric of clothes.

Clean drums regularly:

Lastly, cleaning your washing machine will help to remove excessive dirt and mold. In this way, your washing machine will function so efficiently. You can also run a wash program with an empty load for boosting efficiency. Laundry can be frustrating and time consuming if you are not using the perfect washing machine in a right manner. Otherwise, it will lessen your laundry time and saves money from electricity bills.

Choosing the right laundry partner:

Haier washing machines are super amazing to choose from. They are available with striking looks. Further, they are loaded with multiple features like low noise wash, touch screen, energy efficiency and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Make Haier Washing Machines a perfect laundry partner of yours. For more details click the link: Buy Washing Machine Online

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