Washing Machine maintenance tips that may surprise you

Frondload Washing Machine
Start asking yourself, why does my washing machine smell so bad? There is a high chance that it needs a deep clean. Usually, we may not even think to clean our washing machine but doing so is very important in order to save the money in the longer run. Without maintenance you have to go through some potential breakdown or your detergent can leave a film overtime that increases the growth of bacteria.
It is necessary to maintain your laundry partner after couple of months and clean the drum and pipes of dirt and grease. Apart from keeping your washer dirt free and hygienic cleaning prevents your washing machine from rusting.
Just imagine your washing machine stops working and you have to wash your clothes by hand. Or else you are planning to a laundry that would cost a lot of money. Disastrous, isn’t it? So, why not take some time to deep clean your laundry partner.

Deep cleaning of washing machine:

People expect to enjoy 100% result, but this will not happen always. Problems in washing machines start occurring and your appliance will start losing its efficiency at one point. So, in such case it is very important to deep clean your washing machine a bit more. You can also go for a strong cleaner that helps in removing scaling without damaging your machine drum.
Clean the interior regularly for your clothes to smell good. Even it is a front load or top load some amount of micro dust gathers inside, so make sure to clean it with a damp cloth.

Inspect the hoses:

Another important thing is to check the washing machine water hoses. If you notice any cracks must replace the hoses. Any damage will cause a leak and you have to go through a heavy cost. Thus, keep inspecting the hoses for smooth inflow and outflow of water of your washers.

Keep the washing machine door open:

Closing the doors right after washing is the biggest blunder that most people make. So, make sure to leave the door open for 15 to 30 minutes after completing your washing. This will help to eradicate the bad smell of your washer. Additionally, keeping the door open will help to remove all the moisture and it also prevents in building bacteria inside the machine.

Clean the rubber gasket:

Rubber gasket plays an important role as it wraps the edges of washer-dryer and protects your cloth from damage. Whether, it is a front load or top load, some amount of dust particles enters inside the drum. These particles stick on the edges and sides of the gasket. SO, regularly cleaning your rubber gasket will increase the life span of your washing machine.

Cleaning of Dispensers:

Mostly people never think to clean the detergent dispensers. As they get clogged, sticky over time. So, it is important to get familiar with the filters and drains. In a front loading washing there is a drain filter that needs to be cleaned regularly. There is front facing door from where you can easily locate the filter. Simply remove the filter and throw out debris and give it a rinse.
Lastly, make sure that your washing machine is loaded correctly that will help you to keep your machine and clothes in great condition. So, choose Haier washing machine which guarantees reliability and high performance. They are super smart and with a little care they work so well in the longer run. For more details click here: Buy Washing Machine Online

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