Haier Pearl Series – Provide you satisfying environment

Air Conditioner Inverter
Making your summers chilled with Haier inverters is so satisfying. If you are in search of instant source of relief, you must choose inverter air conditioner that will quickly and efficiently rescue you. They are considered as a necessity item rather than a luxury one.

Haier Pearl Series:

Haier DC Inverters accumulates high quality evaporator and self-clean system. Pearl air conditioner series are also referred to as an air purifier. They are equipped with UVC generator module. It is a module that easily generates ultraviolet rays and provides you sanitizing environment.

Self-clean system:

Additionally, there is a self-clean technology in pearl series. This helps you to deep clean the internal components and enjoy the enhanced quality of air.

Enjoy maximum comfort:

Pearl air conditioners provide you maximum comfort and soothing environment so that you can relax. On the other hand, it keeps on working with a sound level of 18dB. It means that there is no noise of Haier inverter and you won’t get disturbed.

Air distribution:

Haier DC inverters ensure you comfortable and evenly air distribution. It means you can enjoy cool air in every corner of the room. If you are using a cooling mode then you can have the parallel cool air and is evenly distributed. Whereas, in heating mode you can have the warm air that circulated throughout the room and provides you constant temperature.

Major Features in Pearl Series:

Some major features are stated below so that you can easily make a choice among different series.
Conclusively, Haier Pearl Inverter Series are the top rated with various features and amazing technology. Moreover, it is highly capable of providing enhanced air. They are super amazing for medium-sized households with a unique and sleek design. So, get your hands on it and make your summers cool and chilled. For more details, click the link below: Air Conditoner

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