Digital Inverter Series – Few secrets that surprise you

Who don’t want to buy a refrigerator with energy saving option while inflation is at its peak ? Then why not digital inverter refrigerator. It is becoming more popular due to energy saving requirements and hefty utility bills. There are number of secrets hidden in this technology, therefore it sounds little bit technical. Let’s have a look.
Digital Inverter technology has revolutionized home appliances and bring greater energy efficiencies to save power consumption. It is fast enough and they are becoming the need of modern home living.

Digital inverter compressor:

A digital inverter compressor automatically observes the environmental changes which are usually caused by the surrounding temperature. Furthermore, it adjusts it’s operating speed accordingly. It can be used in a way that completely suits your needs. It works faster and slow as per your desire. Further, it also maintains the right thermostat to keep your food fresh.
The compressor runs on DC current in order to perform the energy efficient function. Unlike standard compressors that always stay on and off, Digital inverter compressors continue to work at variable speed. The compressor run slowly and there are no shock loads in its system. It also has a built-in stabilizer.

Control temperature easily:

Digital inverter compressors help to control the temperature precisely. It automatically adjusts to low and high temperature based on surrounding temperature. Temperature adjustment can take place when you open or closes the door,

Low noise and less vibrations:

Digital inverter basically works like a pump and circulate refrigerants through the refrigeration cycle. Conventional compressors usually generate noise and vibrations. This happens as the compressor starts and stops working during the cooling process. But, in digital invertor there is less noise because of balanced operating speeds.

Other amazing features:

This is not all, there is also a second-generation FD inverter which can easily save 60% of energy and work efficiently from 105V to 260V. Further, it has four functions along with T-ABT sterilization that kills bacteria and you can enjoy healthy food.

It also features tempered glass door which is unbreakable with glass shelves inside. These shelves can easily carry weight up to 120Kg. 4 sensors which helps to rotate cooling inside. It also comes with a beauty care box where you can separately place your beauty items.
So, digital invertors completely ensure supreme saving of energy with a durability factor. These remarkable features make Haier Digital Inverter Refrigerator a smart choice and they completely stand out from rest. Additionally, you can have a lineup of Haier digital inverter, click the link here: Inverter Series

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