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Technology is playing a key role in changing lifestyle of people. Haier is offering the latest technologies for inspiring the living standards of customers. Summers are quite harsh in the months of May till August. During these months, large number of consumers buy air conditioners to beat the heat. So, Haier triple inverters are worth buying and help you to lower down your electricity bill.

Haier Triple Inverter with amazing features:

Haier triple inverter features a wide voltage range and has strong weather adaptability. It can easily save 66% of energy. Inverter compressor runs at a variable speed which controls its cooling capability in an effective way. Instead of turning off, the compressor will easily adjust itself in order to run at lower speed once the room temperature is as per the set temperature. Inverter has multiple features such as:

UPS Inverter:

Additionally, you can attach it with extra device and it can be operated in UPS in case of power outage. On the other hand, if the monitoring power is 220V, the air conditioner will start working on power mode. But, if OV is detected it will automatically switch to UPS power mode for low frequency operation.


During the operation, dirt start accumulating on the evaporator. This will help in growing bacteria and affects the quality of air. For this purpose, there is a self-clean design that freezes the surface with moisture in the air. It removes all dirt with the help of defrosting process.

46 Degree Full BTU:

Haier air conditioners works with an optimized cooling capacity. Moreover, they provide the best cooling experience to users at high temperatures. This is due to high performance of compressors.

Long Air throw:

Haier triple inverter indoors are available with improved technology. Furthermore, they have highly efficient motor with optimized fan and Air duct. This can easily blow air as long as 15m.

Conclusively, Haier triple inverter air conditioner consume less power even if working for a longer duration of time. So, enjoy the experience with Triple inverter as it might be a smart choice for you in summers. For more details click the link below:

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