Haier Refrigerator E-star Series are economical to buy

Now the season is changing and undoubtedly you are planning to buy a refrigerator. Isn’t it? Moreover, many homeowners seek out ways to save money without sacrificing any comforts. No worries at all, we come up with the amazing economical refrigerator Haier E-star. Let’s take a look of its features.

Do you want a classy look?

Starting from the exterior look, it has a tempered glass door which is totally unbreakable along with a sleek design. However, E star series is ideal for the durability in an economical package.

Haier Refrigerator – smart features:

Comparatively to other refrigerators, it is offering 5-way cooling. Furthermore, the cool air circulates inside the fridge and helps to get faster cooling and freezing. Unique full foaming technology that helps to retain cooling up to 100 hours with concealed evaporator when the power shut down. The refrigerator comes in various sizes of 8Cft – 18Cft.
It features removable gaskets, which you can easily wash with hot water and soapy sponge. In addition to that, it has LED light inside with a direct cooling system. It has a wide voltage range of 125V-260V and refrigerator can have an easy startup on low voltage. No fluctuations at all and compressor will not break down. Moreover, it used R600A gas refrigerants. -25-degree deep cooling provided in freezers which helps to maintain temperature for longer hour and make water freeze more solid.

Enjoy rapid cooling:

Most importantly, it is a top mounted refrigerator, with numerous amazing features. It uses R134a refrigerant. Furthermore, it has a direct cool system and provides you rapid cooling. You can easily enjoy the conventional and free standing technology after purchasing this economical product.

Fitting your choice in budget:

Considering the above stated features, Haier E-star series refrigerators completely stands out. They are one of the most efficient models where you can spend a little money and it is completely worth it. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab the most efficient and economical refrigerator Haier E-star series. For more details, you can click the link: E-Star Series

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