How to deep clean your fridge in few minutes?

Are you tensed just because you don’t know how to deep clean your fridge? No worries at all; we are here to help you out with smooth tips. In this way you can easily deep clean your fridge in few minutes. So, let’s start.

Various steps to deep clean your fridge:

Step 1: Take everything out:

In order to deep clean, the very first step is to empty your fridge. You can also take a couple of minutes to wipe out the bottles or jars placed in shelves. As it looks so bad to place sticky bottles in freshly cleaned fridge. After that remove all shelves and vegetable or fruit drawers from fridge and wash them with a soapy sponge and hot water.

Step 2 : Start scrubbing from inside:

Once you get done with removing all the things from fridge, it becomes so easy to clean from inside. It is highly advised to deep clean the interior with diluted mixture of vinegar and lemon juice. If you are having bad smell in your refrigerator, spray 1 or 2 times to get rid of it. Do not go for harsh chemicals or detergents. Moreover, it is very important to check the drain whole and make sure it’s not blocked. You can also go for toothbrush as you can easily tackle little crevices. Repeat the same step for the freezer after defrosting the ice.

Step 3 : Clean the Gaskets:

Gaskets are one of the grimiest areas in fridge as it has little folds that can easily collect scrap. It is important to wipe thoroughly. You can go for a small amount of petroleum jelly and apply lightly to keep them flexible. In order to keep seal tight, gaskets must be cleaned properly. As a result, fridge will work at high efficiency.

Step 4 : Clean the compressor compartment and coils:

Ensure that the power has been removed and vacuum the coils very gently on slow speed. It became very dusty over time.

Step 5 : Cleaning out exterior:

It’s time to wipe down from the front. You can make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove stains. You can also go for a cleaner to ensure that your fridge keeps its shine.

Step 6 : Reorganize:

When you all done with you cleaning, start putting your shelves and drawers back on place.

Step 7 : Allow it to cool:

Do not place food right after cleaning. Please wait a little bit and allow it cool for 30 minutes. Your fridge will start working with high efficiency.
Cleaned fridge will keep your food fresh and tidy by committing to frequent upkeep. Your fridge is worth the effort. Enjoy your freshly cleaned fridge. Furthermore, we have a great lineup for you, click link here: Buy Refrigerators Online

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