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In the world of appliances, washing machines are a must have laundry partner. It is very important to select a best washing machine so that you can easily manage your time efficiently in attending other chores or requirements. Semi-automatic washing machines allow you to finish your laundry efficiently. Moreover, it is much pocket friendly.
Comparatively, a semi-automatic washing machine takes a conventional approach to laundry. There is one tube for washing and the other one is for drying. If you are easy with manually attending to your clothes within their washing and drying and you want to save money during purchase, then semi-automatic washing machines are what you need. You can have a full control on your laundry and can manually pull in clothes anytime you want to rinse.

Capacity of Semi-automatic washing machine:

Semi-automatic washing machines are available in different capacity and sizes. Moreover, the laundry capacity during one washing cycle should be lower than the rated capacity. The best way is to put a reasonable amount of laundry so that they can be washed properly. In order to avoid splashing, do not select the maximum timer for low loads.

How to use a semi-automatic washing machine:

There are two inlet selectors. You can either choose wash or spin. Furthermore, you can add water to dispense detergent uniformly. You can also select the intensity level such as standard or strong as per your wash load.
Select the wash timer and once your washing is complete set the switch to drain position. This function will helps to drain all water from the washing tub.

Mid-wash spin cycle:

You can enjoy the mid wash spin cycle which helps to spin your clothes evenly and smoothly. All you need to simply distribute the laundry into the spin tub and then move the selector towards spin. All your clothes will be completely spin within few minutes.

Air dry:

Semi-automatic washing machines come with an air dryer technology. They are designed in an amazing way and easily removes most of the moisture remaining in clothes and gives you the best results.

Easy to place:

It is quite easy to place where ever you want. Additionally, it is user friendly and you can put in anywhere in wet or dry area indoor or outdoor.


There is a buzzer which will let you know about the end of washing cycle.
In conclusion, Haier semi-automatic washing machine comes with a perfect water flow capacity and it washes your clothes in every direction. As a result, you can easily do your laundry efficiently. Choose Haier washing machine as it is pocket friendly and make your lifestyle better. For more details click on the link: Sami Automatic Machine

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